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About nycityjewelry.com

Margaret Hollingsworth spent her early life as a department store buyer and training manager. After working for others for a considerable number of years, she opened an up-scale dress shop of her own with accessories, fine jewelry and cosmetics. In the past few years she has worked closely with Edward L Chavez, a Gemological Institute of America Certified Jeweler and appraiser, working with new jewelry, vintage and estate jewelry, including pearls, diamonds, gemstones.

Theodore Lymon, her merchandising consultant and advisor, spent his early years training with Allied Stores, Inc. He also worked as a designer consultant in several New York up-scale stores, including Tiffany. He has owned several collectible shops from coast to coast. He is an artist and jewelry designer. He has joined Maggie, sharing his expertise. We bring you an offering of desirable and quality new, fine diamond and gold jewelry.

Our Jeweler's Credentials

Edward L. Chavez, GIA is Nycityjewelry.com's consulting jeweler and jewelry designer. Eddie is an Apache Indian and has the honor to be the first native American graduate of the Gemological Institue of America in 1982. He also completed the American Gem Society's jeweler criteria in 1984. He is a lifetime member of Gemological Institute of America.

His Apache name is Two Moons which represents, of two worlds; the one we live in, the other a spiritual world. He is a member of the Native American Church of North America, a member of the Apache Nation Cultural & Historical Organization, and member of SWAIA, Southwestern American Indian Artists.

Eddie will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding jewelry which you are considering purchasing, whether from this site or another. If you own a piece of estate or new jewelry for which you would like an internet appraisal, you may email us a picture with written specifications of the piece, and he will give you his estimated value. This estimate can not be used for insurance purposes only as a approximate dollar value. Insurance appraisals can only be done by examination of the actual piece. Questions are gratis, estimated value appraisals are $25.00 each. Contact our jeweler!